We at Firooz farm, think of sustainable development as a process that shapes the future of human societies, and we are moving in that direction.

Our Activities


Animal husbandry is a science that requires sufficient knowledge and experience to be developed. At Firooz Farm, we have created a new definition of this science by innovating in animal husbandry.


In sustainable agriculture, according to the principles of ecology, the study of the relationship between living organisms and the environment, we have adapted the processes for the country.

Poultry breeding

At Firooz Farm, we strive to produce organic chicken and Capon meat, promote a healthy eating culture, and offer these products at reasonable prices.

Fish farming

Cold-water fish farming project is underway.

Date of operation: Autumn 2023

Greenhouse cultivation

We plant, hold and harvest berry and cactus plants in Firooz farm by the latest methods of the world.

Research & Development

The research and development center focuses on the production of green food, genetic modification of livestock and plants, and the production of baby food based on animal milk.

Why Firooz Farm?

Livestock and poultry

Livestock and poultry in Firooz Farm are modified according to the needs of the market and the characteristics of the regions of Iran.

Conservation of endangered species

Due to sustainable development, Firooz Farm is trying to prevent the extinction of certain animal species.

Genetic modification

With the help of experts, different animal species in Firooz Farm are modified genetically according to the conditions of Iran.

Sustainable Development

We believe that sustainable development along with economic growth and human development is a prerequisite for the growth of the society.

Research & Development

Firooz Farm’s research and development team has made a great contribution to the development of science in the country by conducting various studies in animal and poultry sciences.

Organic food production

Firooz farm has tried to produce Organic food and improve the nutrition culture of the country due to its social responsibility.